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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 6

Published: February 9, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

With the Indiana temps in the low negatives, I’ve been playing with a lot of fire tracks. Unfortunately I’ve also been playing with plain fire. Who knew it would hurt so much to burn off your fingerprints? So I’ll keep my talking short and the builds epic in this week’s installment of “Natty’s Picks of the Week”
1.       “Vampire” - Figure
This drumstep track starts off with some creepy atmospherics. I got scared and pulled the blanket over my head. Too bad the fiery womp bass burned my blanket to bits. So cold.
2.       “Get The Money” - Panty Raid
I’ve been hearing plenty about Panty Raid, but I had trouble posting it, mainly because I couldn’t stop giggling every time I said the name. Anyway, here is a super smooth, super chill and just plain super track from Panty (giggle) Raid.

3.       “Babylon (Remix)” - Minnesota
Human giant and dubstep icon NiT GriT has been holding a remix contest for his tune Babylon, and has since received excellent feedback. I tried to submit my own, but apparently overdubbing a mouth harp over the track doesn’t “count” as a remix. So here’s a certain standout cut from rising star Minnesota. Mouth harp forever!
4.       “Steam Train Shuffle” - Undersound feat. Jane Thomas
I mentioned this guy a few weeks back as one to watch, and man I’m glad I did. I’ve been fiending out for some drum n’ bass, and not only does he oblige, but check out the swung beat at the track’s end. Makes no sense, yet also makes all the sense in the world. Make sense?
5.       “Introducing Dubstep” - Golden Top Productions
I thought I’d end this week’s picks with a little chance to laugh. Don’t take it too seriously out there, it’s only words.
Hurtful, hurtful, hilarious words.

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