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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 32

Published: October 6, 2011

 By: Natty Morrison

Hola amigos, I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been buried under school work and other excuses.  But I’ve finally dug myself out of the hole, and now it’s time for another installment of Natty’s Picks of the week! 

1. “Rolling in the Deep”- GRiZ

Words cannot explain how amazing this remix of the oh-my-god-it’s-everywhere hit song from Adele.  So instead, I’ll let the master Grant Griz (aka GRiZ) do the talking himself.  Check out how he cuts up the British songstress’ heartache vocals and rearranges it into a melody all his own.


2. “Bunny Rabbit”-Jogo


3. “Mondays”- Heavenly Father

This song really reminds me of Mondays, if Mondays were full of mysterious synth swells and chattering drums, and also sounded like walking into a Labyrinth.  So yeah, just your average Monday.

4. “The Mummy (VIP Edit)- Figure and Gangsta Fun

With Halloween approaching, I’m sure a lot of people are preparing bad costumes, bowls of candy that they will inevitably eat half of while watching a cable-edit version of The Shining and slutty costumes.  But while you’re all stocking up on rotten eggs and toilet paper, horror-step master Figure has been teaming up with friend Gangsta Fun to make tunes like this, that are as devastating as they are terrifying.

5. “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me”-Wugazi

This incredible mash-up of Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi comes from a year’s worth of work from two men, Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy.  Otter, an emcee and producer, recently had his latest full-length album “Rebel Yellow,” re-released on the always fantastic Strange Famous Records.  Swiss Andy bases himself out of Minnesota and has played in bands like The Millionth Word and The Swiss Army.  But it’s on this cut off the album “Wugazi: 13 Chambers” that calls to mind the subtle genius of Danger Mouse’s “The Grey Album.”  Fortunately, they paired the always incredible Fugazi with the sharp, multi-tongued attack of hip hop’s greatest group, the Wu Tang Clan.  Be sure to buy the album, because this is one you don’t want to sleep on.

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