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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 15

Published: April 14, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

1. “Trace Me” - Soul Controller

It’s not often that someone gets it so right on their first try, but with Soul Controller, first time is the charm. Synth lines blend effortlessly with near-grimy sounding hip-hop beats, but the best is his use of samples and how he cuts them up.

2. “Yakuzelda” - MT Nasty

This is a guy from my hometown, Lafayette, Indiana, and I have been obsessively catching every set of his in town. Outrageously hard bass blasts, psychedelic layering and intense moments of glitched out bliss highlight Nasty’s (aka Michael Trilus) cuts. This one is only a demo, but it shows off his otherworldly control of the low-end and the wave.

3. “Moth” - Burial and Four Tet

There’s been a lot of hype over these two’s recent collaborations, and for good cause. As far as “indie-electronic” goes, these two are not only above and beyond other contemporaries, but they fit each other perfectly. Four Tet’s spacey, drum-centered composition leaves room for Burial to make it wobble. Here’s to hoping more music comes out of this pair.

4. “Paper Romance” - Groove Armada (Eric Sharp remix)

I woke up to this track playing on my Soundcloud and I instantly felt ready for the day. Unfortunately I threw all the coffee away in a fit of passion, saying I wouldn’t need it anymore. Now I’m sooo sleepy.

5. “The New Deal Live in Philadelphia” - The New Deal

Last week, the New Deal announced they would break up at the end of the year. This was a shock, because the New Deal are not only the best live electronic band of all time, they may be the best improvisational band on the scene today. I’ll miss them, but there’s still time left in 2011…So go see them!

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