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Favorite ThisMuppet Punk x SubDocta collab on rip-roaring 'Bougie Ass Tones'

Published: February 21, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival 2017Welcome to the new era. OK, it's not a "new era," per se; I'm just allowed to start pushing out tracks that are by acts who I'm officially allowed to say are on Phase 2 of The Untz Festival.

It's a big deal!!!!!!!

I've been sitting on this lineup for a month now, sweatin' it out, and biding my time until I was able to talk about how fucking pumped I am that PartyWave is on the lineup, or that somehow the ShadowTrix crew managed to wrangle footwork icon TASO for their stage. The dude is in (the late) DJ Rashad's crew Teklife, and the STM boys snapped him up. That's pretty epic.

Speaking of ShadowTrix Music—they were kind enough to book two of west coast bass's most exciting figures, Muppet Punk and SubDocta, who both landed massive tunes on STM's latest Shadows compilation, and have now teamed up for a big, juicy track. You'll permit me to get a bit excited, because I've had to keep this under wraps for a minute.

Dustin Keller (Muppet Punk), has been on our radar for a while, popping up on Wormhole Wednesdays here and there, and just generally hustling in the Bay. Only recently has Preston Charles (SubDocta) been more and more coming into view, most recently for the aforementioned comp contribution, but everything we've heard we've loved. Now comes “Bougie Ass Tones,” a beautiful melding of these two producers' styles. It's rich, it's creamy, and it's got plenty of low end. These guys are slinging hypnotic, head-nodding beats with the ease and simplicity of a couple of vets. This cut has a groove that doesn't make it seem like they're trying too hard—but it's obvious they're working their asses off in the studio—that's the game. Make it seem easy, but we know it's not.

You can see them work their asses off on stage instead of the studio come June 2-4 in Mariposa, California. Just today we added Muppet Punk and SubDocta to the ShadowTrix Music stage along with Benja Ninjah and the previously announced Kozmo, ChopsJunkie, and STM big shots Rudeboynoize. Go ahead and snag your Early Birds before they're all gone. You gotta see these two bougie ass producers work it.

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