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Favorite ThisMSD releases two new tracks

Published: January 9, 2012

Sometimes we get lucky here at Sometimes we stumble upon an artist perched just on the edge of a superstar breakout before they blow up way out of control and show up on every car commercial and at every club night in America. If ever there was a time when we felt like we were ahead of the curve, it's now, and the artist is MSD.

A prolific young Brit camping out in France, MSD has been honing his craft since he was 16. Making a name for himself as a sound designer, the 22-year-old has already lent his skills to high-profile clients like fashion monolith Dior and EDM gear vanguards Native Instruments--a pretty heady compliment. Attempting to take his craft from the commercial sector to the entertainment world, he stumbled upon the riveting sounds of dubstep. Instantly hooked, MSD immediately dove into the more cerebral end of the fast-filling pool of artists clamoring to capture the sound, choosing to focus on melody, harmony, and an elegant vibe with his tracks. With his debut EP set for release sometime next month on L.A.'s tastemaking label Prime Dub, and a Summer tour of the States already in the works, promoters and fans already familiar with the MSD sound are licking their lips in anticipation of what is sure to be a eerily reminiscent rocket ship in popularity. is lucky to bring you not one, but two tracks from MSD. The first, "Tell Me Why" could just be that next anthem ubiquitously dropped from the Bay to Boston and everywhere in between. It hits all the right beats for a contemporary megahit: it's big, it's beautiful, and it's nasty. Simultaneously brutal and accessible, "The Way," is a squirty glitch hop tune in the vein of Bass Science's Matt B. Shimmering synths fly like sparks from a frenetic central beat. Early 90's gangsta rap hooks somehow chopped and screwed seem to float effortlessly from this furiously spinning cut. On the flipside, we get this perfect melding of the Pretty Lights throwback soul aesthetic and the Skrillex filthpop mastery. Simultaneously brutal and accessible,  MSD is about to take the U.S. by storm. We're just glad to say we felt the winds of change early enough to grab an Untzbrella.

iTunes Purchase Link (Trip$tep Vol. 2 featuring "The Way"):$tep-vol.-2-ep/id491008265

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