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Favorite ThisMr. Bill launches new website with massive Clockvice collab

Published: August 9, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

Producers the world over know Mr. Bill as a resource for all things Ableton. All your favorite artists use his tutorials, tips, and tricks to coax those otherwordly sounds out of your speakers. Hell, even deadmau5 follows him on Twitter. Now that Bill Day has announced a hiatus from touring, he's diving further into the studio realm, and today re-emerges with a brand new relaunch of his website:

Mr. BillAs always, Bill has made project files available for amateur and professional producers alike to tinker around in his expansive workflow and find new ways to make cool shit happen. To celebrate that relaunch, Mr. Bill teamed up with Sweden's Clockvice to christen the new site with the latest edition in the Corrective Scene Surgery album.

CSS #15 is “Klaf,” a jazz-fueled bass romp that runs scattershot through a snowy field speckled with blood. It's smashmouth, grind it out bass mayhem with a delightfully sunny jazz fusion temperament akin to a Weather Report suite. Lukas Rose is cornering the mainstream chill-step-halftime market, and the collab with Bill Day is almost dizzying in its ferocity.

Which is exactly why it's so cool that you can dive headlong into the project file right now. Pay what you want for the tune, but you can also spend $4.99 to get the project file and totally deconstruct the madness from within. Sign up with Bill, and you'll gain access to a regular flood of project files, videos, and more.

For those completely uninterested in sharpening their Ableton files and are just whining because they want to see him live—time is running out. You've got to get to Wild Woods in the northeast this weekend, Oregon Eclipse next weekend, or Burning Man at the end of the month, because those are the last three Mr. Bill dates on the calendar for a long, long time. You'll also want to catch a special, rare Stateside Electrocado performance at the Eclipse featuring both Bill and Ryanosaurus. You've been warned.

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