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Favorite ThisMr. Bill & GRUFF: Pretty Sick, But [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 5, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Once in a while, a project comes along that stops us dead in our tracks. Sheer creativity and envelope pushing has a way of flooring us at, so we stand up and take notice. After catching a glimpse of Mr. Bill's "Porn Funk" collaboration with Stickybuds earlier this week, we dove into the Aussie's collection to see just what he was working on. Turns out Bill Day embarked on a 30-week voyage through the world of glitch with a few of his friends. Every 7 days, Mr. Bill will release, for FREE, a new tune that he's assembled with some of the biggest luminaries in his scene, including ill.Gates, Hedflux, Love and Light, ill-esha, KiloWatts, and too many to mention. Along the way, artist Funi will conceive and execute a tailored image that represents Mr. Bill (the little amorphous fellow with the specs) and his new "friend." At the completion of the project, there are some wild surprises in store, but we're not in the business of scooping the artist. We just to share his wondrous work.

This week, Mr. Bill dove in with fellow Australian GRUFF on a heavy-hitting number that swings so damn hard. "Pretty Sick, But" is a towering monolith rolling end over end like an egg. This funky bouncer doesn't take no guff. It's edgy, odd, and instantly lovable. And Mr. Bill's gonna give it to you for free on Monday. Stay on top of The Collaborative Endeavours - A Glitch Opera, this is going to be super cool.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepGlitchPsytranceTrance