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Favorite ThisMoniker team up with DJ Ride on 'Busta'

Published: March 19, 2018

By: Kevin Sanders

MonikerWhile it can be easy to get wrapped up in borderline hero worship for big name headliners, they all started out in the lower tiers of a lineup, and there will always be those with a superstar’s attention to fine detail in the fine print.

Attempting to blast out of this obtuse obscurity in bass heavy fashion is The Untz Festival alum (and 2018 returning champs) Moniker, who teamed up with DJ Ride for their latest bassgasm inducing track, “Busta.”

The hertz are deep, the womps heavy, and the crescendo is crashing in this ear splitting track that showcases how while they may be from opposite corners of the globe, the language of filthy, disgusting bass music transcends the most daunting of distances. This track holds nothing back, and neither should you to see this thrown down live.

Head over to The Untz Festival June 1-3 in Mariposa, California to see whats left after Moniker and slew of other bass titans hit you with the heaviest of underground wobbles this side of the galaxy.

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