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Favorite ThisMitiS: In My Eyes

Published: October 31, 2012
By: Alex Silva

As electronic music continues to grow and reinvent itself in America, a new breed of emerging artists must surface themselves to fill the innovation gap left behind. Pennsylvania producer MitiS, who was brought up as a Classical pianist, is the perfect example of this phenomenon. In his newly released track “In My Eyes,” MitiS incorporates his exceptional piano skills with buoyant melodies, ambient chord progressions, and radiating synths that leave you nearly breathless. Very atmospheric in nature, it begins with dreamy washed-out synths that pull you into the song right away. As the hi-hat kicks in, a gentle trance melody drifts into the beat and slowly amplifies over a faint bassline. Suddenly the sounds are flooded out by a transient piano solo that takes you up into the clouds as it ascends into an orchestral breakdown. Firmly grounded, he cycles the chorus over again but twists things up a bit so it’s not as delicate as the first time. A very simple song that, although not dance-heavy, solidifies this man’s ability to raise the bar for many of the already established names in today’s EDM industry.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectro