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Favorite ThisMitiS ft Anna Yvette - Rust [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: March 20, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Not one to be pidgeon-holed, Joe Torre has broken out of his lovestep/chillstep mold and gone a teeny big aggro with his latest offering. The new MitiS production is "Rust," featuring the powerful voice and oddly profound lyrics of Anna Yvette. Usually, EDM anthems come with inane lyrics about some vague emotional frippery. But the message of "Rust" is actually palatable and poetic. What a concept! But look out for that drop. Bouncing between headbanging drumstep and pulse-raising drum & bass, this punchy tune (with a taste of 80's dancehall) has an intensity and a darkness to it. But of course, Torre is going to make it beautiful, because that's what he does. And that's what it is.