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Favorite ThisMinnesota - Eternal Frequencies: Equinox Remix EP

Published: August 21, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Everyone wants to take a shot at Minnesota. In a good way! The Austin, Texas-based label, Gravitas Recordings, gifts to fans and fanatics everywhere a seven-track collection of Minnesota remixes from some of the best and brightest producers in the bass biz. Psymbionic kicks off the collection with a glitchy take on "Stardust Redux." The Redux remix contest netted a trio of incredible takes, including Perkuklat0r's competition winning contribution and a filthy offering from Filibusta. We showed off the incredibly sexy reworking from Crywolf last week. ill-esha gets up in the action with a blissful "Bloom," and the highlight of the comp for us is Derek VanScoten's guitar-fueled version. The D.V.S* remix is beautiful at first, then drops into a bass-heavy, almost trappy takedown. We love this comp, and so will you. Pay what you want, or download it for free. But make sure this makes your collection.