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Favorite ThisMindex debuts midtempo delight 'At The Fireplace' from new EP

Published: February 24, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

MindexI have no clue what Nostaltrophin, is, but it sounds like the chemical released by your pineal gland when you cut a sick track. I can't risk visiting WebMD and cruise down a list of symptoms I have until I diagnose myself with Type II congenital syphilis, so let's just stick with that.

Regardless of what the new Mindex EP means, what we know is it's chock full of downtempo-y goodness, psychedelic mid-tempo musings, and ambient architecture sprawled across some incredible sound design. Slava Mindex has been absolutely rolling, lately, and everything he knocks out is dynamite.

Today we premiere “At The Fireplace,” a musing, pensive sonic journey around wildly inventive melodies and sketches that really evokes a nostalgic and misty feeling. It's deeply emotional music from a super talented producer. The only thing we can really compare it to is some latter day Tipper downtempo, which is fitting, because Mindex will be performing at the big 4321 Eclipse event in Missouri with Captain Dave later this summer. Imagine that!

Pre-order Nostaltrophin before it drops March 7 on Gravitas Recordings.

Tags: Downtempo