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Favorite ThisMindelixir - A Bed In The Forest

Published: December 18, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Bill Schimel don't mess around. As Mindelixir, he hasn't just created a well-respected brand, he's built an empire around his epic Bass Church. At this point, it's a bass megachurch, holding it down in Charlotte, among other cities in the region, with a big badass spectacle planned for NYE with Skream & Joker. And it's that kind of respect for the craft and originators of contemporary bass music that has made Schimel such a force in the industry.
On the production side of things, Mindelixir is releasing Why I'm Easy: Remixes today on Circuitree. His new one, "Get Up," is accompanied by remixes of Why I'm Easy tunes from Tokyo Hands, and everybody's favorite new producer, heRobust. As a special bonus, is giving away a free bonus download of a Mindelixir original. Thanks to a few subtle moans and groans, we know exactly what's going down on "A Bed in the Forest." Melding his glitch background with the signature sounds of trap, we've got ourselves a coy little bubbler here, with real touch and finesse. And you'd expect no less from Mindelixir, himself.