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Favorite ThisMETAPØD debuts icky 'BAATS' VIP

Published: July 17, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

METAPØDWith a pedigree that includes collabs in the works with Yheti and Toadface, support from our homies at Wormhole and ShadowTrix, and multiple runs with the dude IVES, the METAPØD project feels right at home on The Untz.

Teo Montoya may be dialed into all the same channels as are we are, but the mysterious producer is still new to us. It's clear, though, that we speak the same language: bass.

His new Leek EP, which he is self-releasing this summer, is already building buzz, and tracks like today's debut will give you an idea why. The “BAATS” VIP is a twisted tale from an underground cavern. Drippy and eerie, the cut launches into a sloping drop that careens you into a sharp crevasse and snaps your spine on unforgiving beats and bass. It's almost got a “Crack The Window” vibe, if that's your jam.

It might be more appropriate for the end of October, but the spooky EP will be out sooner than that, so stay sharp.

Tags: DubstepTrap