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Favorite ThisMary Anne Hobbs / Paradise Rock Club (Boston, MA) / 4.24.11

Published: May 8, 2011

Mary Anne Hobbs hit Paradise Rock Club on April 24 as part of her Road Warrior tour, and in conjunction with Boston's 2011 Together Festival. The event showcased up-and-coming artists, which comes as no surprise given her background as the front woman of BBC Radio 1’s “Experimental” show.

I only caught the tail end of Mike Slott’s opening set. Slott merges jazz and classical influence with hip-hop and electronica to create something truly ear-catching. 


Los Angeles native Take spun futuristic electronic beats that incorporated everything from jazz to hip-hop. I felt like a space cadet thrust into orbit at the whim his productions, landing back on the dance floor of the Dise only for a few moments whenever he changed up his tempo or style. Coming from the FlyLo school of soulful intensity, Take’s appearance on the bill is no surprise, as Hobbs has championed his eclectic “take” from the get go. There’s no better place for Sweatson Klank than his new home in Alpha Pup’s doghouse.

Ana Caravelle - Where Have You Been (TAKE Remix)

Lorn brought bad-boy intensity to the table with a dark, slightly sinister dubstep set. Subtle, yet powerful, gothic square waves pulse and fade in an oddly low-key, shoegaze aesthetic. From his original work to great remixes, like Biggie’s “Hold Ya Head,” he piqued the audience’s interest and kept them engaged throughout.


Then Ms. Mary Anne Hobbs took the stage. It was an honor to experience her live, and I hope to see her again soon. Her dubstep set was infused with a diverse array of sounds—from reggae to metal—and reflected her character as a musician who appreciates all sorts of genres and sound.

Hobbs’ energy is unbelievable and inspiring. At one point, she hopped off stage to dance with fans. Closing her set with “something real dirty,” she dropped an unbelievable drum and bass-heavy “Take Me Higher” mix.
Mary Anne Hobbs is a household name in the UK electronic music scene. Her BBC departure was a great loss to the broadcast empire, but a benefit to the fans that want to experience her in the flesh. I hope she continues to tour often, particularly here in the U.S. You haven’t heard dubstep until you’ve heard Hobbs live.

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