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Favorite ThisMartyParty + FreQ Nasty - Hot Delux

Published: September 11, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Finally, the coveted fruits of the Monsters of Bass Tour have ripened and are ready to be plucked and gobbled up by your hungry earholes. MartyParty and FreQ Nasty, monsters of solo bass production in their own right, spent plenty of time sharing beats and swapping files at the back of the bus on their Monsters tour, but it's only today that we really get to enjoy the results of that esteemed collab. Martin Folb has secured himself as the Prince of Purple, and Darin McFadyen is, of course, a freak of the low end, from d&b to drumstep. The single, Beethoven's Filth, comes complete with the duo's foray into trap, "Hot Delux," a free download from for you lucky bass fanatics.
The cut echoes Folb's purple structure, layering on beats and bass over a simplistic melody. It's actually in service of the Classical era mindframe established by the A-Side. While Beethoven is sometimes considered a composer straddling the Classical and Romantic periods, FreQ and Marty still echo the reigning ideology of his time period: rejecting the ornateness of Baroque compositions by taking a simple melody and really hammering that home. The trend from over-the-top dubstep to simple trap in today's EDM climate really mirrors the transition from Baroque to Classical era music in a startling way. The schizophrenic cramming of cacophony into every dubstep drop has given way to bite-sized rap instrumentals. Subtle snare and hi-hats undergird a very pleasant, easily-hummable melody. Far be it from us to call Mr. Folb and Mr. McFadyen nerds for channeling the music from a few dead Europeans from a quarter of a millenium ago, but the proof is in the pudding. We'll let them argue over who gets to be Mozart and who gets stuck being Salieri...