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Favorite ThisMarcus Schössow introduces Oliver Englafjord's 'Myrki Heima' concept

Published: June 8, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

What started as a lark with a handful of new studio gear has become a high-art concept album. House and techno superstar Marcus Schössow has worked on and off for the past three years on Myrki Heima, an album he is releasing as Oliver Englafjord. The pseudonymous personality was born out of a trip Schössow took to Iceland, and now comes to fruition as a 9-track avant-garde album. Today, we premiere a short delving into Englafjord's back story, with "If Grey Was the Colour of the Sun" as its soundtrack.

Oliver Englafjord is a mysterious shadow in a metropolitan high-rise. Smoking, drinking, and musing about himself and the city, he's part Holden Caulfield, part Patrick Bateman. This Scandinavian artist matches his poetry to the beat, and the beat to heart of the concrete jungle he admires and reviles from afar.

Myrki Heima enjoys its North American release July 10th on the legendary Nettwerk label, while Black Hole Recordings will handle the European release. Three more shorts revealing the ephemeral Englafjord will appear between now and then.

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