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Favorite ThisManuka Records ushers in new year with Decades VA compilation

Published: February 4, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

SINIC - RBF94In case you thought Manuka Records was just another dubstep outlet, the label co-run out of Seattle and Manchester cracks open 2022 with a compilation that goes all over the yard stylistically and across the BPM spectrum.

The new DECADES VA comp has some UK garage, drum & bass, breaks, and even vaporwave elements. We're thrilled to premiere the lead tune from the compilation, SINIC's “RBF94,” which has a mournful vocal reminiscent of Burial over slowed down jungle at 130 BPM. It's a really haunting tune that will find itself on a loop in your head.

Though we don't have an official Manuka Records takeover on The Untz Festival lineup, we're still repping the label pretty hard with Ternion Sound, Xakra, and Oxóssi. This comp sets the stage for a big year to come where Manuka is going to be in hot contention for coolest boutique label bringing the heat from multiple electronci music sectors that we absolutely fuck with.

Pre-order before the February 7th drop date.

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