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Favorite ThisManic Focus - Cerebral Eclipse [Out NOW on Liberated Music]

Published: October 30, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

Manic Focus can do no wrong. We are pleased to present the soulful full-length release of his brand new album Cerebral Eclipse. John “JmaC" McCarten, best known for the blazing Manic Focus, project has sealed together a fresh, jazzy compilation of original tracks to blow your lids wide open. Featuring an all-star cast of guests, this album puts electro-funk and blues right back where it needs to be, deep into the hearts and ears of music lovers everywhere.

Where to start, the album can’t cease to keep heads bobbing and toes tapping to the insatiable melodies, groovy instrumentals and downright saucy bass lines. Let’s go with the title track “Dedicated to the Service.” First of all the title is so on point, JmaC proves an unwavering dedication to channeling unmistakable passion for sharing good vibes and even better tunes. Easy-riding riffs stir up a pot of bluesy rhythms and poignant vocal samples bubble up over spacey synths for a complete case of chillaxed magic. Sink far enough in and find the glitch-hop bass pulling you through that lazy daydream across scarlet clouds and purple moons.

On the Horizon” plucks at the best of bass lines and funk guitar. Top it off with glowing keys and a sprinkling chime and you have yourself a full-blown trip across the nostalgia super highway. Somehow, in between rocking out and jamming there is the Manic Focus sound, pulling you back and launching you ahead to some unknown dimension of space and sound that unwraps the coils of doubt and slingshots you straight into cosmic love.

Last but certainly not least we have to discuss the unreal combo that is Manic Focus and sax master GRiZ. The instrumentals on this track are absolutely unreal. Aside from the obvious enigmatic nature of the duo’s insane production skills the music shines through truly and completely on its own. Slick, powerful, and oh so tasty, “Life Goes On” may be one of the most alluring tracks from either producer in quite some time. Don’t let your ear buds fool you, this masterpiece deserves an encompassing listening environment, your neighbors will appreciate it greatly. Be prepared for the heart-melting sax on the outro and remember that clichés were put on this earth for a reason, to remind the soul of the glimmer of some far off universal irony. Life indeed does go on.

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