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Favorite ThisLucent Dossier Experience Slideshow + Review / The Lighthouse (Los Angeles, CA) / 5-17-2013

Published: May 22, 2013
Story by: Charles Walker
Photos by: Brittany Rogy

There was obscurity coupled with anticipation. Enchantment paired with beauty. There were artists and live musicians. Unfathoable amounts of creativity, prepared by illustrious minds and beautiful human beings.
There was, The Lucent Dossier Experience – A Private Event, thriving in an “underground factory transformed into another world”.
Whisked away from a casual parking lot in downtown Los Angeles in a sizeable white passenger van, we arrived shortly at the Ravenous Rouge - a multi-level warehouse recognized as “a long forgotten bordello, from another time and place.”  This unknown world was pumping with positive energy and sexy, inviting beats were emanating out into the Art District of L.A.
The night opened like a flower blooming on a sunny spring morning. It featured the world sounds and organic beats from Jeremy Sole (of KCRW) as he mixed through an array of genres. From funk and salsa, to drum, bass and Afrobeat, Sole had a complex, identifiable variation of genres making for a sweaty, pulsating dance floor.
As Friday easily slipped into Saturday, GoldRush took over the decks during the early morning hours and welcomed the entire fantasy world into the palms of his hands.
As he opened his heart and spun his deep, romantic, bass-heavy hitters for the dance floor to carry on in their picturesque frenzy, there was no shortage of connections made between all of the freaky people that made the beauty of this other world.
As focus and imagination flirted with each other, there were plenty of additions to bring all of the guests’ senses to life. 
Whether it was in the Red Room, the Blue Room, on the dance floor, or inside a piece of art – it was magic in the making.  And there was no one magician pulling the rabbit out of the hat, as it felt as though we had all taken a trip down the rabbit hole.

Tags: DowntempoDubstep