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Favorite ThisLive psydub duo Trees releases five videos from IV Lab in Chicago

Published: July 13, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

An act that scratches both our livetronica and psybass itches? Sign us up!

Chicago's Trees, comprised of guitarist and producer Mark Florence and drumming wiz Jonathan Beverly has us fist-pumping with joy. Sounding like a blend between EOTO and Ott, the duo brings new meaning to the psychedelic dub brand. It really is a live dub act, but man does Beverly decorate that space with some tasty drum fills. Florence adds these pentatonic delights via guitar, but manages to keep things wide open with plenty of samples vocals and atmospherics.

Recently, the pair went into I.V. Lab in Chicago to record five live tracks, which were also filmed beautifully in a multi-cam shoot. Coincidentally, we discovered Digital Tape Machine via video shot in the same studio. Enjoy "Floating Downsteam" here, as well as "Relax," "Pot Spots," "Another Tech in the Wall," and a cover of The Temptation's "I'm Losing You."

Trees hits Mr. Blotto's annual Blottopia July 18 in Yorkville, IL, and then returns home to Chicago August 22nd at Martyrs with Zebbler Encanti Experience.

Tags: DubstepLivetronica