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Favorite ThisLiquid Stranger - The Gargon [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 8, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Few electronic music producers have developed a unique enough aesthetic to support one stylistic identity. Martin Stääf has two.

Many know the no-holds-barred, banging bass of Liquid Stranger, but an equal number gravitate to the more reflective, melodically-focused and patiently constructed downtempo and "classic" dubstep output from the Swedish producer. This dichotomy serves to not only provide much-needed variety any music aficionado craves, but also to give Stääf, himself, some balance. Every yin needs its yang.

Interchill has always been a launchpad for the Liquid Stranger catalog, especially the sprawling, introspective material. In that vein, The Renegade Crusade EP will similarly find its way to the inviting shores of Salt Spring Island, into the awaiting arms of the BC-based label.

Today, we premiere "The Gargon," the second of five tracks on the EP--a quick glimpse into the cavernous catalog 
Stääf is waiting to unleash. We are told an impressive volley of tracks are being stockpiled, to be released in a flood of EPs over the course of the next three months.

This towering track reaches its spiny tentacles skyward, slowly pulling itself along the muddy earth, threatening to squeeze and crush anything in its path, courtesy of the Teenagers from Outer Space. This B-movie monster does carry some subsonic gravitas, using its plodding percussion foundation to house delicate synth interplay. Balance is key. No over-the-top gimmicks, no hacky tricks--just dedicated devotion to the mastery of melody.

Liquid Stranger heads to Europe for a few dates on this Renegade Crusade, then back to the US for stops in New England and St Louis. The EP itself is slated for an April 15th release on Interchill.