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Favorite ThisLemondoza chills out with 'Telo'

Published: November 12, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Lemondoza - TeloNew from The Gradient Perspective is delightfully blissful tune which is just what our feed needs after a fraught few weeks.

Denver's Lemondoza is known for her high-energy, bass-fueled sets, but she brings it back down a notch for “Telo,” and I ain't mad about it. It's got its own addictive energy and some fun production flair that doesn't always get its shine on her heavier tunes. Throw in some serene artwork courtesy of the master, Nathaniel Parrott, and you've got the winning combination we seek.

The Gradient Perspective team is coming off a smashing success at the ReVibe Wellness Retreat in Myrtle Beach over Halloween Weekend. The crew is all about that bass, but its A&R honchos are on the right path by letting some drippy, melodic shit in on the feed every once in a while. Good for TGP, good for Lemondoza, and damn good for us, too.

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