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Favorite ThisKyral x Banko close out LoFreq comp Cypher Volume 3 with a 'Thang'

Published: March 2, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

Kyral x BankoLoFreq Records is continuing its quest to find the next best “Thang” in bass music. Its comprehensive compilations featuring a wide range of styles of underground bass got a new installment this week with Cypher Volume 3, which packs a punch that we've come to expect from these collections.

Some of our favorites have landed on this 20+ track release including SuDs x Moniker, Herbalistek, BRWN BEAR, Smokestax, smol, and Barely Great. There are also some new names on the comp that fans won't perhaps recognize off the bat, but will want to do a deep dive after taking a listen.

Today we are sharing the final installment of the comp, which is out now, the heater “Thang” from duo Kyral x Banko. Opening with some straight-down-the-pipe dubstep (or as straight as these boys are able to do, because their experimental tendencies always find a way out), the second half drops into this unexpected trap hook that's just delightful.

The whole comp is heat, get it now from LoFreq:

Tags: DubstepTrap