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Favorite ThisKyle Goldstein shares exclusive mix from new EP

Published: March 22, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

Kyle GoldsteinIf you have been following ThazDope Records, you already know this last year they began to release music on the underground hip-hop side of things. One artist who stuck out on the ThazDope hip-hop tip is Boston's Kyle Goldstein.

His debut release, Shadows of Autumn, quickly got notoriety on the internet and became ThazDope Records' #1 selling artist in 2017. Coming through with his second effort, Call of the Void is a 4-track EP where the man puts his heart on his sleeve and rides the waves that crash for all of us with heartbreak, insecurities, and the struggles of living life in today's America.

Today we present you with an exclusive preview of the EP with the Call of the Void mix that features all 4 tracks blended perfectly to tell us the story in the way it is meant to be heard.

The EP drops March 30 on ThazDope Records. Be on the look out for some major announcements right around the corner for ThazDope's rising hip-hop star. Until then, get caught up with Kyle Goldstein and familiarize yourself with the future of what is coming from ThazDope's hip-hop side.

Look out for the review of Call of the Void next week right here on The Untz.

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