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Favorite ThisKrooked Drivers - Right Beneath Your Feet review

Published: December 3, 2013
By: Huff

Krooked Drivers just released their debut EP, Right beneath Your Feet, on Gravitas and their debut did not disappoint! The opener, “On the Line,” which was exclusively premiered a few weeks ago via The Untz, kicks off with in-your-face boom-bap and some wickedly smooth bass that could give a body in the morgue chills. The song was also introduced to 2000 plus people at The Fillmore in Denver Nov 16th, when Mikey Thunder (PLM) dropped the track before Michal Menert launched #SpaceJazz. The feeling was unbelievable and was really a solidifying moment for the careers of Donnie Dalbora and Maddy  O’neal.
The next song on the EP, “All Time High,” delivers some jazzy horns alongside a very distinguished bass line guaranteed to get your body moving. I feel like Krooked Drivers have really developed a subsonic signature with this EP.
There is a song called “Taking My Love” which marinates you in some staggering transitions and breaks and then drops a Jay-Z sample from ‘Jigga My N***a’ that had me feeling like I awoke in a horrible illuminati nightmare with Krooked Drivers playing the soundtrack as I’m walking into the Devil’s Castle ready to strike a deal.
We then segue into “Forgive Me,” which uses some superb samples to really paint the canvas of the composition. Late Night Radio Tweeted that they have a sinister-soul sound and you can really hear it through this jam. Maddy and Donnie lay some orchestral sounds along with some funky breaks and banging drums. This song is a wonderful gem for fans of electro-soul and electronic music in general, and displays the immaculate talent of the two producers.
The entire EP is free on Bandcamp but highly worth your donation for its seamless flow from start to finish that will undoubtedly leave you with neck spasms from head-nodding. Make sure you also check out their Halloween track, called “Tales of a Creepshow.” It’s one of the dopest Halloween productions I have ever heard, complete with scary samples from classic flicks.

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