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Favorite ThisKrewella - Get Wet [Out 9/24 on Columbia Records]

Published: September 19, 2013

Anticipation builds for the release of Krewella's Get Wet on September 24th, their first release on a major label (Columbia Records). Yesterday's preview of the entire album gives fans a chance to see what the powerful EDM trio has been brewing behind closed doors. The release coincides with the threesome's MASSIVE fall tour which has them running all over North America and beyond with their brand new Volcano stage setup in tow.

Much attention has been paid to the collaboration with Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and uber-drummer Travis Barker. The joint "Dance with the Devil" stands out as a highlight of the act's signature sound, blending seamlessly with pop acts from years past. A more appropriate "passing of the torch" could not be envisioned.

Standouts from Play Hard, the act's breakout EP make the album's final cut. A couple of ballads (or the dance music equivalent) round out the release, which satisfactorily hits all the right notes for a major. As the industry susses out the importance of a full-length physical release by an electronic act, we can guarantee Krewella's popularity is far from waning. Sold out shows and now the support of big, bad Columbia Records is ensuring that this crossover act is headed straight for the top. Let's see what the charts say come Tuesday.

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