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Favorite ThisK+Lab's Spacedirt gets the royal remix treatment

Published: December 11, 2014

By: Kate Newton

Trap and house music may have leapt to the forefront of the electronic dance music community this year, but a brand new twist on K+Lab's Spacedirt has given the glitch-hop and bass lovers a significant amount of hope.

Each song is recreated by a different producer who keeps the root of the original song but adds their own take to reflect their signature style. The original album was nominated bythe NZ Awards for electronica album of the year and also at the UK Glitch Hop awards for album of the year. Clearly, this album didn't go unnoticed last year--so might as well take something great and strive to make it better.

Spacedirt: The Remixes culled a laundry list of glitch's best, each with something different to offer in order to spread the sonic love. A few songs have that same glitchy sound that will remind the listener of the original album, but with different spins that make the new version easily distinguishable. Others incorporate origins of jam music to give it a funky soul-based feel instead of using primarily electronic elements.

The album in general is just another work of art, successfully reaching the standards that K+Lab's original had set so high. Both create such a genuine, powerful yet soothing ambiance to satisfy a broad horizon of musical interests. Computers are the necessary tool to develop such amazing sounds, but it's the genius behind the screen who has the talent and skill to appropriately combine these sounds to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Each artist featured in Spacedirt: The Remixes album effectively exhibits exactly what it takes to release incredible tracks to please everyone throughout the musical spectrum. Whether it's Defunk's smasher, DJ Alias' smooth and silky take on "Lord Steezington" with plenty of horsn, or K-Lab's own reworking, the album has something for everytone. I'm glad I can close by saying that any album with such originality and eminence such as this reassures me that bass music and glitch hop are still very prominent within this rapidly growing electronic dance music culture.

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