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Favorite ThisKozmo has an 'Epiphany' and starts a new label

Published: March 21, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

KozmoThe team at Kozmo Sound Innovations, led by CEO Kozmo has re-engineered its audio production department and retooled its sonic output for mass consumption.

Meet the latest sound design straight from the head scientists tasked with fusing cutting-edge bass production with forward-thinking, avant garde structure. Epiphany, slated for a release this month, is poised to quadruple earnings and please the stockholders at KSI. The lead offer, title track “Epiphany,” will ramp up revenue and decrease overhead (mainly due to levitating listeners closer to the ceiling).

By integrating the artistry of one Jay Sween, the team at Kozmo Sound Innovations has ensured that productivity will increase 500% in the ogling over art department.

Bass a la Mode will be the delivery device for this new Kozmo-branded confection. Tracking the fashion-forward sounds and bass-influenced modernity quotients, KSI is splitting its stock and doubling down on this new venture.

Pre-order the EP, Epiphany, now, before Wall Street finds out.

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