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Favorite ThisKOROstyle releases throwback bass EP Drip Drip on ThazDope Records

Published: February 25, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

KOROstyleThe latest release from ThazDope Records comes from French-American KOROstyle. Word has it that The Untz Festival alumni Conrank was the co-signer who sent this sound specifically to ThazDope HQ. With that said, these three tracks are the heat. KOROstyle joins the ThazDope class of 2018 at The Untz Festival this year.

Armed” opens up the collection with an eerie syncopation that leads straight into the massive wonk that takes over. Sadyr Diouf comes out swinging hard on the one. The man's got a snare drum that will punch holes through your cranium.

Inky Riddim” brings us an old school flavor with a very spicy new twist. Eclectic moments of dubstep's past from the UK, while crafting a new style that is KOROstyle's own. Melodically on point with much space to run any dance floor. The use of the sine as the melody reminds us that there is much that can be accomplished from the basic tones that from where the future sounds derive.

Closer “BreakBoy” is a collaborative effort featuring Made In Glitch's own Holier! This track takes us the point. Break beat fashion with a KOROstyle wonk. These two came together and created something dope. Sampling classic Lil Jon and Gucci Mane, this one goes gangster as well.

We look forward to what KOROstyle brings to The Untz Festival this June.

Tags: Dubstep