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Favorite ThisKOAN Sound & Asa - Sanctuary EP [Out now on OWSLA]

Published: October 23, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Once again, OWSLA is jumping out ahead of the curve. The cutting edge label yesterday released the brand new EP from KOAN Sound and Asa. Bassnectar's tour mates Jim Bastow and Will Weeks have been working with fellow Inspected mate Asa on a record for a year, now, and the result is a dreamy, psychedelic, midtempo adventure. Lush strings and piano chords echo and dart across widening ranges of space and sound. We even have a dynamic anime theme with an Akira reference thrown in for good measure. Filled with brilliant, low-key melodic work and some atypical rhythms and meters, Sanctuary sounds the trumpets for a booming midtempo scene that is on its way back in a big way.