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Favorite ThisKnowa Knowone: Sound Paintings Review

Published: July 31, 2011

By: Damian Moran

Knowa Knowone’s latest EP Sound Paintings, which dropped earlier this month, is a unique blend of tribal break beats with some ambient, psychedelic undertones. While I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of Middle Eastern flavor, in this case, the homages are well placed and add to the atmospheric sounds of the first track “The Quari.” The EP definitely takes you places as you listen to it; there’s glitch and great bass thrown in to keep your head bobbing.

“FireOnTheRoof” is the release’s standout track. Knowa blends glitch, skillful scratching, and some hip-hop samples to create a heavy sound that settles deep in between your ears. This track strays away from the album’s consistent tribal, psychedelic feel and gives us a more urban beat.

Sounds Paintings is well crafted and does its name justice, as each track can put a picture in your head, each time something a little more different that the last. Knowa Knowone was very crafty with the mixture or tribal and urban, two words you don’t ever see in the same sentence, but have to be for this album. You can catch Knowa Knowone later this month at Temple of Visions in L.A. or at Black Rock City for Burning Man at the end of August.

Tags: Hip Hop