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Favorite ThisKnight Riderz: Bangin On The System Review

Published: November 28, 2011

By: Gracie Roberts

The crunkadelic Canadians of Knight Riderz have returned with their Simplify Recordings debut: Bangin On The System. This 4-track EP is jam-packed with robotic vocals backed up by hyphy synth lines and glitched-out beats. In this seemingly perfect hybrid of glitch-hop and dubstep, it’s evident Nick “Degree” and Jake Roberts of the Riderz have been hard at work cooking up some serious heat in the studio.

Bangin On The System marks the third EP for Knight Riderz, accompanied by a stockpile of singles and remixes. Names such as Love & Light, King Fantastic, and Kush Arora are a select few from the growing list of artists remixed by the accomplished duo. Fully equipped with a deadly live performance, Knight Riderz are ready to bombard venues with their ‘bass bomb’ sound.

“In The House” opens up the EP, immediately storming the listener with bass large enough to shake down the average concert hall. This track incorporates the best of two musical worlds, combining the punch of hip-hop with climactic, bass-filled drops known and loved by dubstep fans across the globe.

With its slower, yet equally intense dub rhythm, “Killer” can persuade anyone to step onto the dance floor. Delicate female vocals are mixed with mechanical, almost grimy-sounding reverberations of glitch hop to produce a crossbreed of a track that, naturally, has a killer sound.

“Ain’t A Game” has a psychedelic sound similar to well-known bass virtuosos Skrillex and Bassnectar. With numerous, drawn-out musical buildups and dynamic drops, this track is a definite trip for any listener.

The EP closes with its title track, “Bangin On The System”. The cyborg-esque vocals make for a fierce, all-encompassing sound, which would undoubtedly charm any audience ready to dance the night away.

Knight Riderz have succeeded in creating a memorable EP that is dance floor-ready, and most importantly, suitable for fans of multiple types of electronic music. With a bevy of shows on the horizon, Knight Riderz will have plenty of opportunities to share their musical flair with EDM devotees worldwide.

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