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Favorite ThisKnife Party - Rage Valley

Published: May 29, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Dubstep and electro duo Knife Party, comprised of Pendulum members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, is back with a new EP, Rage Valley. More appropriately titled than you could ever imagine, the record features more of those schizophrenic breakdowns for which Knife Party has become known. The title track even eschews melody for the first third of the track, trading it in for an uptempo electro beatscape that sets the dark tone for the rest of the cut. Sure, melody edges its way into the mix after the first drop, but it's used sparingly. Razor-sharp production is always the result when you're dealing with Swire and McGrillen--their collective ear is tuned to pop deconstruction at even the most base level. Short of calling this new tune and album "next level," we can comfortably say fans of Knife Party will be happy with the output. Grab the album now on Beatport, it drops on iTunes and the rest of the internet June 4th.