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Favorite ThisKJ Sawka remixes The Crying Spell for his new IMPOSSIBLE RECORDS

Published: May 6, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Seattle has a long musical pedigree. From Bing Crosby to Alice in Chains to Mudhoney and Kenny G, the melting pot of the Pacific Northwest has gotten a bad rap for being gloomy, but its sonic output is second to none. One of the Emerald City's greatest sons, drummer extraordinaire KJ SAWKA, is paying homage to the city's long history of musical inbreeding (taking Temple of the Dog, for example), by remixing fellow Seattlites The Crying Spell.

Balancing the source material's ultra melodic vocals with badass bass blasts, KJ Sawka turns the dark wave tune into a dubstep goliath. With KJ's unparalleled drumming skills, you can imagine the battery is on point. This ain't no yacht rock. This is the coolest song about sailing since STYX. The "Sailing On" remix gets its release tomorrow, May 7, on Sawka's new IMPOSSIBLE RECORDS, which will house not only his own solo work, but whatever he sees fit. Perhaps he'll be pumping out more Seattle jams in the future.

Tags: Dubstep