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Favorite ThisKiloWatts: Acceptitude Review

Published: June 13, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Anytime a producer gets his start as a classically trained pianist, you know their production aesthetic will achieve towering heights. These artists have a knack for meticulously weaving melody driven facets into their tunes, creating tantalizing instrumentations packed with emotion and passion.
This is the case for Jamie Watts, aka KiloWatts, who is known for his master craftsmanship and hair-raising production. The Philadelphia-based is a fixture in the downtempo scene, and has been releasing contagious songs via the studio and on stage throughout countries across the world. His attention to detail has made him the producer he is today, which can be heard on thrilling releases like Time Keeper and Nocturnal Sunrise.
On his most recent release, Acceptitude, we experience the veteran producer continue to step up his game on a release full of tumultuous soundscapes that will instantly captivate the soul of any listener.
Opening up the album is “The Beckoning,” which is a momentous orchestra containing mysterious yet incredibly enlightening piano chords that seem to tell a beautiful story as they slowly progress. This album continues to highlight Watt’s ability to create majestic soundwaves, with addicting tracks that are crafted like an architect would build a house.
“Meanwhile in the Cerebellum Hotel” is a creative track that instantly enters any listener’s brain and sends their minds on an unconscious journey propelled by the songs gentle synth lines and effervescent background tones.
“End of the Year” opens up with dark piano chords that are as entrancing as they are magical, and then slowly adds layers onto itself to create an energetic track that will have its listeners gently bouncing with a smile on their face. This whole album seems to read like a book, and progresses as each note strikes till the story reaches its climax.
“Vector Eyes” is a remarkable track that will send its listeners on a journey throughout the Ocean’s under layers, and have them exploring as the songs bubbly tones and expert fluctuations hit.
Acceptitude is another exciting release from artist who has been in the game for a long time, and shows no signs of letting up with an album filled to the brim with immersive piano chords and gentle dub lines. 

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