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Published: January 24, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

Over the last few months, we have been teasing the upcoming new album from Kick The Habit. Finally, with great excitement, we are pleased to bring you a look into Owners and the masterminds behind its creation.

Tom Lewis and Stav Beger have been creative partners for a number of years; Kick The Habit became a project both found able to channel their passions and interest in making music. After a period of musical reevaluation, the world is treated to an album that better represents the purpose of the project and the true talents of Tom, Stav and most recent addition, Gadee Lee.

Kick The HabitTo date, we have featured the first two official singles from the album, “Insane” and “Alone,” both sitting at opposite ends of the musical spectrum. In between, the album brings in 8 more tracks, ripe with ingenuity and expertly assembled, evoking a powerful message amid the fusion of rock and electronica.

The album as a whole, sits outside of the mainstream channel. With a constant influx of material aiming to “smash genres” Kick The Habit’s album goes a step further, truly creating a multi-influenced composition that defies the needs of over-structured markets and catapults itself to a vantage point, high above the malaise of pop electronica in the US.

If you have been searching for something new, then we have a fantastic place for you to start with Kick The Habit. Without giving too much away, be prepared for a journey into the talented minds of Tom, Stav, and Gadee, their hard work and dedication will bring you in to a world of the infinite possibilities of music.

The album is now available to stream, purchase, enjoy on Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, and all other major media distributors. Let us know what you think! You can also find Kick The Habit members online and share your feedback directly with them. 2017 will be a year of hopping creative boundaries and we think Owners has already set the bar high for creative potential this year.

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