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Favorite ThisKick The Habit drop another single from forthcoming album

Published: November 14, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Kick The HabitKick The Habit is ready to bring you the second single from its brand new upcoming album which will be featured next month here at The Untz.

Alone” is not some play at the latest EDM pop-bangers. “Alone” is an eerie love tale about one human, and their closest friend. Today we are really never alone, always closely followed by a cloud of our closest friends living snug in the pockets and purses of our lives. This sentiment is echoed through the lyrics of this latest track as a way to remind us all that we are living in a strange time.

Aside from the metaphorical lyrics, Kick The Habit boasts their supreme skills in the studio, yet again. The live instrumentation melds effortlessly with sparing electronic elements. This creates the perfect balance between analog clarity and computer synthesis, something very telling of our transition away from pop-EDM.

The track is live today and you can find your copy to stream and download on Soundcloud. Stay up on the latest from artists all around the world, here at The Untz and prepare yourselves for the full Kick The Habit album set to drop later next month.

Tags: ElectroLivetronica