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Favorite ThisKhiva is just living Life in the Midst of Decay

Published: July 17, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

KhivaIt's been a week since the reigning dark queen of dubstep unleashed her latest EP on a hungry bass scene.

Khiva released Life in the Midst of Decay this month, curving sharply from a straight 140 sound into a bass-infused hip-hop realm that finds its home perfectly among the shattered remains of a music scene that has us haunting our bedrooms instead of ballrooms. The pared back, head-nodding sound is not entirely out of the blue for Ms. Le Couteur, but the focus on silky, evocative verses across “Dead Silent,” “Fairytales,” “Up To Bat,” and “Path Of Night” fits these end times pretty well. The message, the spookiness, and the package all tracks for the kind of “alt” sound we're hearing from some of our favorite heavy acts during this period of lockdown.

We're hoping to get the whole Khiva gamut when she joins the Deep, Dark & Dangerous takeover at The Untz Festival this fall in Browns Valley, California. Y'all need to mask up so we can bug out.

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