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Favorite ThisKezwik: Tame EP Review

Published: May 11, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

A few years ago, Michael Jones met Aaron Simpson at a show and soon after began sending him music to get some feedback. What Jones did not initially know is that Simpson is the founder of Simplify Recordings, one of the pillars of the bass community.

Jones is now signed to Simplify, and releasing cataclysmic cuts at an incredible rate. The 16-year-old boy wonder out of Chico better known as Kezwik is a beast when it comes to dropping thunderous soundscapes that embody relentless passion and destructive capabilities. His dubbed out creations could instantly shift the earth’s tectonic plates. The monumental young producer has shown these abilities with colossal cuts like “Trigger” and “Gravity” off his Get Dropped EP, and on ferocious collaborations with Helicopter Showdown and Phrenik.

On his Tame EP, Jones takes his tumultuous sounds to a whole new level on a banging set of songs that will create an instant riot from any set of subs.

Opening up the jaw dropping EP is the title track, a pitched battle between roaring subs and soaring vocals. While no winner is decided, it is obvious from the beginning that Kezwik has stepped up on this release in a big way.

“The Traveler” is a thrill ride of a song that takes the listeners mind on a peaceful journey that eventually turns into a battle for their lives, but with this song as the background noise no one is complaining.

“Promise Me” is a remarkable cut that contains nostalgic vocal samples and a whole new danceable side to Kezwik’s instrumentations that soon transition into a sea of rambunctious synth lines and vaguely Egyptian bass tones. 

The EP also features two collaborations that will have any crowd moving with ease. “Let Go” features the magnificent vocals of Mimi Page, and features monstrous soundwaves that are incredibly heavy and thrilling to the ears, while “PTFO” features Messinian spitting hot bars over Kezwik’s fresh, dubbed out melodies.

Tame is a monumental release from a young producer who will not let his age stop him from gaining massive accolades in his respective scene.