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Favorite ThisK Theory & Blunt Instrument – “Good & Gone / The Observer” Review

Published: February 14, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

The lyrics, “When it's good, it's so, so good. When it's gone, it's gone,” weave their way through K Theory’s hot, new, bass-driven single. Fortunately, Ben Harper’s mournful predicament concerning a romantic fling or fleeting euphoria does not imperil the listener. Rather, all they have to do to prolong the magic is start it over.

Straight blazing out of the wild west, the Bay Area’s powerful gunslingers K Theory have made a bold stand, turning out remixes of Wolfgang Gartner, NiT GriT, DJ Fresh, and most recently adding their unique funk to Modest Mouse’s indie classic “Float On.” Not to mention their long list of originals, including the Snoop Dogg-infused cut “18th Century Gangster,” and the soulful high-energy release, “Glitch & Blues,” which landed at #2 and #5 on the Beatport Top 100 Glitch-Hop Charts, respectively.

Their latest single, “Good & Gone,” released by Aaron Simpson’s Simplify Recordings, takes the duo’s unique breakbeat style and sprinkles in a staggering glitch-hop dynamic. The track effortlessly captures the essence of Harper’s classic tune, “When It’s Good.” K Theory retains the folksy guitar work of the original, while dicing and glitching plenty of beats and bass.

“The Observer,” a refreshing b-side, features a high-flying collab with Brisbane’s Blunt Instrument. Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico, fellow Simplify labelmates, add their signature quirky take on the genre. It is quite something to see groups from worlds apart collaborating to create incredibly unique sounds, and is a testament to Simpson and every artist who is a part of the Simplify team. The epic cut immediately strikes with hip-hop style scratches and the chopped up words, “Check out my observation,” which soon progress into inspirational synths and groovy bass tones perfect for any club or house party.

This single all but hearkens the release of a full-length, or at least an EP from K Theory. Simplify has been on a hot streak of late, channeling the brilliance of a brand new stable of up-and-comers. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next.