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Favorite ThisK CAP remixes Spooky Black 'Without You'

Published: August 29, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Kevin Capasso continues to impress. The DJ and producer based out of the DMV area (that's DC, Maryland, and Virginia for the uninitiated) hustles his craft hard, but surfaces every couple of months with an impressive new take on this or that. Between his DJ K CAP brand and his Lil' Penguin alias, the songs he delivers to us are always on point.

Taking a future bass tactic on Spooky Black's breakout hit "Without You," the haunting R&B stylings of Corbin Smidzik are flipped into a gorgeous sea of frothy synths and rattling hats. Now you can take your favorite low key bedroom tune out onto the dance floor with this smashing new remix.

Tags: DowntempoTrap