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Favorite ThisjOBOT: Until Tender EP Review

Published: November 20, 2012
By: Alex Silva

With the release of his most recent EP (Gratitude) still fresh in everyone’s mind, Los Angeles native jOBOT was quick to present listeners with another fall release with his newest EP, Until Tender. This compilation of tracks is almost like a stairway to heaven of dance beats as it scales it’s way up through the musical airwaves of your mind. Keep note that jOBOT has been a trained jazz bassist since the ripe age of 12, so make sure to tie those shoelaces on real tight. 

Each of the four tracks holds it’s own distinct flavor that feeds into your ears and out through your feet. The first song, “Be You Auto,” starts off slow, very reminiscent of those stratospheric vibes you get from listening to The Postal Service or Boards of Canada. A lullaby of breakbeats, the song blends with the countermelodies of Hammond-style key riffs that you find dominant in other styles like reggae and, coincidentally, jazz music. Chopped up glitch vocals and sultry bedroom melodies make up the last minute before fainting off into the next track, “Can’t Keep Doing This.” Much more mechanical in nature, this second track is full of robot-talk lows and fluttered synths that will cast a pulsating spell on your body.

“Hundos,” the third track, changes up the pace a bit with a funkier approach to making your limbs gyrate. Easily identified as the EP’s most solidified dance track, “Hundos” holds a much more cohesive blend of dance beats with classic rock ‘n’ roll synths that he causally works into those modern syncopated electronic bass lines that are staple to today’s EDM scene. The fourth and final track, “Until Tender,” is the face of the EP, the main drive behind the upward trek you’ve been seduced to with the previous tracks. Slamming you with heavily distorted and aggressive sound booms, it’s a grimy grunge dance party. If the first three songs don’t get you on your feet, this one will definitely succeed in moving your caboose. 

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDubstep