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Favorite ThisJoachim Garraud & Alesia - Atrium (DESIGNER DRUGS & PLS DNT STP Remix)

Published: September 7, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Some tracks are destined to kick around the dusty 99 cent bins at fading record stores. Others are destined to bounce around the walls of arenas and burn themselves into deserted-island playlists. We've found one of the latter; the gems that get stuck in your head so hard you're humming them weeks later without any idea of how they got there. Bad boys of the biz Designer Drugs teamed up with their good buddies, PLS DNT STP (who happen to hold a spot on DD's Sex Cult label), to take a crack at Joachim Garraud & Alesia's "Atrium." The result: a mind-blowing anthem that's as big in scope as it is packed with heart. Huge trance builds descend into gutteral dubstep drops. Four on the floor kicks give way to stuttering, stammering drum fills. The width and breadth of this track is such that it can't be contained on desktop subs, let alone tinny laptop speakers--yuck. Plug this one into your giant Bose 7.1 surround sound system, turn it up, and stand back. Please don't call us when you get evicted--you've been warned.