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Favorite ThisJeremy Judkins (Shadow Attack) Interview

Published: February 13, 2012

By: Natty Morrison

I recently caught up for a chat with Jeremy Judkins, aka Shadow Attack, aka the Founder of Deepblip Records to chat about the realease of the new Deepblip Records Winter Compilation.  We also discuss the birth of a label, the life of an artist, and the death of a hypothetical person.  And I finally ask: Is the Deepblimp real, and if so, may I ride it?

What comes first: Shadow Attack or Deepblip Records?
Well, when i think about it.  I'd have to say Deepblip.  Everyone involved with the label are my best friends and have been for years.  We are a family and we're always pushing each other to get better in every aspect of being a recording artist.  Whether it be producing, performing, creating or recording.  We are always trying to step up the game no matter what.  Shadow Attack to me is just a name, it's who i am as an artist/producer but who i have become and how I've progressed has a lot to do with my Deepblip family. 

How did you get started in electronic music?
I got started, as many did, fiddling around with fruity loops and a few pieces of gear in my bedroom as a kid.  I met Mike Sabatini (Jaws That Bite) at a party when I was about 16.  We both were live musicians at the time, he played guitar and I played bass.  We had always had an incredible love for live performance and performed in bands for years after meeting but we've always had a particular affinity for electronic music and it's integration into the live setting.  I can remember one summer when Mike and I were just driving around the neighborhood blasting beats we had made out the car windows.  Back then, they were brutal rough cuts but we definitely got our kicks out of what we had made.  That excitement for producing would ultimately lead to us doing it full time.  Mike (Jaws That Bite) is my partner and the other half piloting the Deepblimp. (laughs)

What made you want to start your own label?
It's kind of hard to say actually.  I've always been surrounded by such a tight knit group of incredibly creative and artistic people.  We have known each other forever and plan to for a long time, so the creative drive has always been in place since the beginning of these friendships.  As we all started getting older and more distant, i had revelation and an idea.  To create something that would help keep all of us together under one roof.  That idea flourished into the creation of a record label.

What other labels are you a fan of? In Electronic Music?  In other genres?
I'm a fan of almost everything under the sun.  In terms of labels though i have fallen in love with Brainfeeder, Ghostly International, Friends of Friends, Moodgadget, 1320 and too many others to name.  As far as outside of electronic music… Blue Note Recordings has played a pretty big part in my exploration of Jazz, Blues, Funk and World Music.  Being a huge fan of local/public radio, i appreciate a lot of late night avante-guard radio shows.  Tons of good stuff to explore!

Can you tell me about the early days of Deepblip? How have things changed?
Deepblip is still a baby.  We actually just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and in that short time we've managed to accumulate about 12 recording artists.  My philosophy has always been, anything that's not growing and changing might as well be considered dead.  That being said, Deepblip is always striving to get bigger, better and more out there…  Always staying true to our roots here in Detroit/Ann Arbor by promoting from the street level up.

There’s a lot of new artists on here. Who are you particularly excited about?
All i have to say is… PROFRESHER!  This guy has some amazing ideas and is incredibly excited at all times about what he does best, Producing. We've been talking for months now about a release with the label and i think he's got something special in store for everyone.  A few other forthcoming Deepblip releases I'm excited about are from Darlo Damage, Videobend, Jaws That Bite and Ty Beat.

What goes into making the perfect label mix? Is it simply a representation of the label, or are you trying to make an album that stands on its own?
Every release for us needs to be next level.  Whether it be a compilation, like we just released, or a full length album.  We're always looking for a new sound and a different perspective.  Everyone within our family shares a particular love for the weird, disjointed productions.  Something outside the box.  Putting together this compilation was such an exciting experience for me because every track is something completely new from every artist.  It stands as a little preview of whats to come in 2012 and beyond.

If Deepblip wasn’t an electronic music label, what genre of music would it be?
Norwegian Black Metal (Answered by Jaws That Bite)  I, for some reason, completely agree. (laughs)

You are on your death bed and are asked to sum up Deepblip Records in one, succinct sentence. What is it?
This is the music you should listen to before you die, or rather, when you decide you've had enough Dubstep in your life. (laughs)

Who’s up next on the release schedule for Deepblip?
In the next few months we will have releases coming from Profresher, Jaws That Bite, Videobend, Darlo Damage, Ty Beat and myself Shadow Attack.


Deepblip Records is run by: Jeremy Judkins (Founder), Mike Sabatini (Co-founder, Designer), Wes Harden  (Design Team Leader) and Amy Cherette (A&R).  Be on the lookout for a new Deepblip Records hat from Grassroots Clothing, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Deepblip Records Winter Compilation, available through Bandcamp at the bottom of the page.

Finally, for any artist submissions to Deepblip, please contact Jeremy Judkins at

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