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Favorite ThisIs Kap Slap EDM's answer to Girl Talk? His Bootie Bundle Vol 2 holds the answer

Published: April 2, 2014
By: Steve Walter

I just got “Kap Slapped” across the face with this new bootleg mixtape by Kap Slap. 24-year-old Jared Lucas is the man behind the name, and the madness. Lucas recently graduated from Lehigh University and is moving to the next stage in his career. He became a known entity in EDM from his mash-ups, but now has the tools and time to begin creating his own original productions.

But those mash-ups really are what's setting him apart. Where Girl Talk aims for the classic rock we grew up on, and the ubiquitous hip-hop hooks from junior high dances, Kap Slap smashes together the hottest sounds in the electronic music dance sphere with a dash of pop.

Bootie Bundle Vol 2 is Kap Slap’s fifth bootleg mixtape. It contains 15 different tracks and each one melts multiple different EDM tracks. The overall sound of the mixtape is big room house and trance. Kap Slap brings a very unique style by taking these great tracks by fellow producers, and simply making them bigger and bolder.

“Wrecking Suckaz” is one of my early favorites. He uses tracks from TJR, Sander Van Doorn, Tommy Trash, and Burns; and also an acapella of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” and compiles it into one of the wildest big room house tracks you will ever hear. The middle of the mixtape gives us a chance to catch our breath as he slows it down a bit, until track 11; “Party Signals” however is sure to get you into rage mode again. The Bootie Bundle Vol 2 is great example of how mash-ups should sound.

Kap Slap is one of the most intriguing figures I have had the pleasure writing about. I have never caught a live set, but I imagine it is one hell of a party! Be sure to check this dude out if he is coming to a city near you. He is set to perform twice in April; he will be in Denver on the 6th and Kingston Downs, GA on the 27th for CounterPoint. In May Kap Slap will perform in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

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