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Favorite ThisION smashes EPROM x G Jones x FRQ NCY into 'Pineapple Mushrooms'

Published: July 10, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

IONJimmy Mosqueda is in full crush mode following The Untz Festival. The young Central Valley producer ION made his debut at our festival last month just down the road from his hometown of Visalia, California, and has been re-energized and reinvigorated on his own studio work.

Following the release of EPROM's much-anticipated Pineapple EP late last month, Mosqueda took the G Jones remix of the title track and edited it together with another up-and-comer's cut.

The FRQ NCY track “Mushroom Samba,” which I can only hope is named after the best episode of Cowboy Bebop ever, gets to ride shotgun on the rhythm, while EPROM and G Jones' blown out synths do the rest.

The result is EPROM x G Jones x FRQ NCY - Pineapple Mushrooms (ION Edit), or just hardcore banger for short. That off-kilter beat gets so fiery that your jaw will drop in amazement. Enjoy. And happy 710.

Tags: DubstepGlitchTrap