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Favorite ThisIntroducing The Chicago Beat Guide

Published: March 5, 2010


For certain types of music, the sound can actually be identified by a single city.  In New Orleans, its funk; In Nashville, its country.  It becomes impossible to think of one without the other.  And in Chicago, electronic music reigns supreme.  For fans of house music, the city of Chicago is something of a Mecca.  While the genre has planted divergent roots in spots across the globe, the Windy City still holds a special place in electronic music lovers’ hearts.  But times have changed; no longer is the pulse throbbing straight-ahead house beats.  The Midwest hub is now home to a dazzling array of electronic music styles; on any given night, in sweat-soaked clubs, one can hear dubstep, electro, downtempo, DnB, ghetto tech, and, yes, even house music blowing forth from speakers, while throngs of grinning fans pack in so tight that the dance floor becomes a character in itself.  The music/listener relationship in Chicago is one built on consistency as well as a rich, vibrant history.  The city is like a wet dream in 4/4 time for fans, with a seemingly unlimited collection of venues, bars, and clubs, and a collective instinct to rage well into the early hours.

So who’s behind the veil of the city scene?  Who’s making it all happen?  Who’s got their index finger planted firmly on the ON switch?  A collection of brilliant artists, both young and old, along with sincerely enthusiastic promoters can be held responsible.  But in a city as fast paced and sprawling as Chicago, some of these heroes are forgotten, or at least rather unknown.  This series hopes to give a face- or, rather, faces- to the bass drum capital of the Midwest.  We’ll be meeting the hottest DJs and the busiest promoters, touring the best and most inviting venues, and investigating the deep roots of Chicago electronic music.  Keep checking back often to see which artists are next in line for stardom, who can be thanked for your listening pleasures, or who’s simply reveling in the city’s beats.

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