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Favorite ThisInto the Sun is all the proof you need Bassnectar still has it

Published: July 30, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

Hopefully by now you have had the chance to listen to the majesty that is Bassnectar’s new album Into the Sun. Of course, Lorin Ashton is someone most dance music aficionados have come to know on a first-name basis. After almost 15 years, the Bassnectar project has become one of the most prolific in the scene. Into the Sun marks the 11th studio album for Lorin and shows that his creative longevity knows no bounds. Featuring a whirlwind of remixes, re-masters and originals, this album brings a nostalgic sense of wonder to faithful “Bassheads” in no less than 17 mind-bending tracks.

BassnectarBassnectar is an artist who easily provides one of the best examples of the influence and responsibility high-profile artists wield. With a mass of followers and sold-out shows across the globe it can be easy for some to lose sight of the magic of it all. Lorin is a particular individual who seems to thrive off that magic and channel it into his live shows and albums. Into the Sun is no exception.

The originals on the album are only made sweeter by a heap of collaborators featured throughout. Pacific Northwest native Lafa Taylor brings out a high-energy verse “Speakerbox.” The Untz favorite G Jones unleashes mayhem on “The Mystery Spot”. Young guns Louis Futon join another long time collaborator Zion I for an absolutely nutty sonic ride called “Sideways.” This is only the beginning.

Lorin loves to revisit old favorites from the treasure trove of albums in his aresenal. Into the Sun goes way back to reincarnate gems like “Blow,” “Dubuasca,” and “Enter the Chamber.” Each single receives a fresh re-master and a little extra love to enliven the vibe for new live shows and headphone massages.

Finally, we get a taste of some sparkling remixes that culminate this album as an all-encompassing auditory joyride. The Naked and Famous’ track “No Way” pulls at heartstrings, while David Heartbreak and “Rose Colored Bass” get a little darker than most. Another Untz favorite Psymbionic and his track “One Thing” get a taste of Bassnectar’s remixing prowess, bringing out that glitch vibe while maintaining a classic sense of Lorin’s love for 808’s and atmospheric textures.

The TLDR version runs like this. Bassnectar proves once again why he is still in the game. Not only to bring the best in bass music but also to further a community of conscious individuals dedicated to keeping humanity on a path Into the Sun. This album is one absolutely worth the money and the time to sit with and listen close. Head over to Itunes or your preferred streaming service to cop a listen and see just why we love Bassnectar so much.

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