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Favorite This[INTERVIEW] MitiS adds more tour dates with Bear Grillz, Crywolf, Skrux

Published: September 22, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

It's no secret we've been fawning over the prodigously talented pianist Joe Torre since he popped on the scene. MitiS kicks off his monster Oasis tour today in San Luis Obispo, CA, and has added a slew of dates to the run with Bear Grillz, Crywolf, and Skrux.

The EP the tour will be supporting, also called Oasis, drops September 30th on Torre's BORN Records, and features fellow tourmate Justin Phillips (Crywolf) on vocals, as well as a few more surprises. MitiS took some time out from the run-up to his tour to answer some questions about the live shows and his forthcoming studio work.

You've got a big release paired with the tour of the same name. What's Oasis got in store for fans? What's the general tone of the album?

Oasis EP has two tracks on it that I've previewed before on my Soundcloud that seemed to get a lot of attention. Both tracks are very dear to me in the sense of what they mean to my personal life. 
The general tone is almost a nostalgic MitiS vibe, bringing back when I would write alot of around 140bpm stuff like "Born" etc.. and a progressive house tune that is similar to the Life Of Sin series, with a little new hint of things that are planned out for future releases.

What was working with your buddy Justin Phillips (Crywolf) like? Was it smooth like butter, or were there some tense moments in the studio? Gotta imagine two creative types going head-to-head can be pretty interesting.
Justin is such an awesome dude. He is humble, down-to-earth, and realistic. He shoots for the best and what he knows he can do; the best. I sent him over "Oasis" as halfway done and he sent back vocals for it that were flawless. Not only phrasing and pitch, but tonal quality, lyrics, and effects that he put in himself.  Me and Justin see eye to eye on so much musically, as you can tell comparing our music to one another's.
Can fans expect Justin to jump on stage with you throughout the course of the tour?
Of course! I invite things like that. I just want everyone to know that he and I are humans too, and are just people making music who like to play it to everyone.
Also, not only Justin will be jumping on stage with me. I have a special guest coming along the journey who will be making an appearance with me every show. 
You've got a big hometown show in Philly coming up. Do you invite all the jocks from high school and tell 'em to suck a fat one from stage?
(Laughs). Honestly, I don't hang out with any "Jocks" from high school. No offense to jocks. Sorry. I welcome everyone, from any genre or style, to come out to my shows. If you're willing to vibe out and realize life isn't always about raging and going all hype crazy, I want you at my show. 
Were you a nerdy kid in high school? Are your peers blown away by your career path, or was it known you'd end up touring the country playing music?
Freshman year of high school I was for sure an over-achiever. Then I woke up and said "Wait, I've been studying classical piano as a performer for years, what the hell am I gonna do with all this liberal arts bullshit". After that I truly sold myself to music and was determined to find where I am supposed to be musically.
All my peers knew I was going to do something musically, but I'm sure they didn't think it would be electronic music.
Being the piano virtuoso you are, is it difficult to sneak away and find some quiet time to work on your chops when you're touring the country?
Yes. Yes.... When I'm at home, I have the luxury to play on my 7.6' Yamaha custom that was given to me as a blessing [by] the Metropolitan Opera Hall. It has spoiled me and also taught me so much as a musician and pianist. On the road, it's rare-to-none I ever get a chance to touch some ivories.
Finally, what's one thing you'd really love to put on your rider, but are afraid would be perceived as too douchey, and you'd hate to have that leak onto the web?
Boxer briefs--Alfani, for sure--a pack of 27 Marlboro's, and studio time in the city. Always felt that all of those are things promoters don't need to worry about since they are essentials I personally need; not their problem.

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